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Design and Build

If you’re Planning to do a renovation, Choosing the right design is the first step in loving your new addition. If you’re not sure which one is right for you may be speaking with one of our designers is a good start.
Decide whether it is a rear addition or a second floor addition, Sunroom, Solarium, 3 or 4 seasons addition. Think about how you plan on using that space. The type of furniture you will be using is important as it can help you decide what the right size and shape is. Keep in mind a sunroom is considered an addition! Even a screen room requires a building permit so make sure your contractor or builder advises you on the best practices and obtains approval from your local building and planning departments prior to starting construction, not only is this the legal way to do it but it is also the safest in the long run.

Here at Four Seasons Sunrooms we understand your need for convenience. That’s why we offer both traditional and 3D concept designs for your project. We employ licenced BCIN designers to draft your plans and obtain the services of structural & Mechanical engineers (if required) for permit acquisition to ensure your room will be efficient, last a life time and most of all built to or above code!. Navigating the ever changing by-laws and building codes can be complicated and stressful. Choosing someone that understands both the building and planning can make a huge difference to your overall satisfaction. With over 40 years’ experience building rooms in the Greater Toronto area, Durham, York and surrounding areas you’re in great hands. We will walk you through the process and try to make every step as seamless as possible.

After all, this is your room and should be done right the first time! Let us help you create a space that you will love and be proud of.