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James & Lorna’s Victorian Conservatory

This historic home in the heart of Orono, a small town just east of Toronto was the perfect setting for a classic Victorian Conservatory. The retired couple loved their home and didn’t need the additional space, what they were missing was a room they could enjoy their spacious back yard all year long.

They have always wanted a sunroom and what better way to complement their 1800th century Victorian home then with a Four Seasons Sunrooms Victorian Conservatory.

The area in which the James and Lorna wanted to room posed a few challenges with creating a peaked glass roof. The solution was to create a transition from the coach house to the new conservatory and allow the water to flow freely away from the home and new conservatory addition.

During excavation our crews came across and old cistern which happen to be right in the middle of our new foundation. This was a completely unexpected circumstance which had to be dealt with in order to proceed with the new foundation. After a few days of hard work and additional back fill material’s the foundation was able to be finished and the site was ready for the installation of the conservatory to begin.

Hope you folks like the finished product as much as they do!

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