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Margrit & Sean’s Conventional Open Concept Addition

“The year 2012 was to be a year of renovations for us, a long-time dream come true. Naturally we were concerned about all the choices that had to be made. Part of our home renovation was to add a sun room to the back of our existing family room. We called on Four Season Sunrooms to give the first estimate. The salesman Gus was very polite and patient as he listened to our requests and wishes. He then asked my husband and I to sit on the couch. He asked us what we saw outside from the angle we were sitting. We realized that all we could see was part of the backyard through the patio door and that is all we would see even with the sunroom attached. He recommended that we take down the existing back wall, build a proper foundation and add an addition instead of just a sunroom. My husband and I just laughed stating whether Gus would be paying for the Reno. He said he would show us a spec within three (3) days that would show us what he meant to do. Like clockwork Gus was back in three days with a drawn plan. We were stunned with what we saw and very surprised at the cost. My husband, not one to commit easily, told Gus that we would think about it and get back to him. After Gus left my husband and I just stared at each other and started laughing and I started jumping up and down. The plan was absolutely magnificent.

The project started in mid-March because of the good weather. Permit in hand the crew showed up on time, worked all day, with very little disturbance to our home or life. Since I work out of my home this was a worry. I learned very quickly that I did not need to worry about anything. The entire project was coming to a finish within about 4 weeks. Since we had a double deck where the extension was to be we agreed with Gus that we would build a balcony where the upper deck was, with a patio door from our master bedroom. This was not in the budget, however, how could we resist the temptation of the drawn plans. Stunning!

Toward the end of the project we looked around and realized that our back yard needed sprucing up now with this gorgeous extension. I convinced my husband to request Four Season Sunrooms to build us 2 decks, one off of the new addition and the other by our above ground pool, matching the glass panels from the balcony. All of this was not in the budget either but once again how could we not love the drawings when we saw them.

Workmanship, top notch! Professionalism top notch!; work ethics, top notch! Commitment, punctuality, pride that is the staff of Four Season Sunroom of Whitby

Gentlemen! Gus, Jack, Lucas and Wojtek we take our hats off and salute you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making not only our dreams come true but making our project(s) into an absolutely amazing experience. Our 37 year old   house looks brand new. Fantastic!”


Margrit & Sean

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